Our Philosophy


The No Wrong Door philosophy is about working together, innovative thinking and new ways of sharing information to achieve the best possible customer outcomes. The vision for No Wrong Door is: Customer-centered, accessible and coordinated services.


No Wrong Door is about being helpful from a whole-of-customer need perspective and considering all the services a customer may require. By adopting a holistic, customer-centered focus, departmental staff will be able to identify customers with complex or multiple needs and focus their intensive efforts on responding to those needs.


This will ensure those customers are linked to the right range of services and receive an appropriate response. Customers will not have to negotiate access to multiple departmental service areas on their own.


The No Wrong Door program of work is a key vehicle to embed the No Wrong Door philosophy and a planned approach to customer-centered service delivery across the department. The No Wrong Door program will not deliver outcomes for customers, but it should enable better customer outcomes to be achieved.