Enforcement of a Child Support Order


Parents that have already obtained a child support order through a dissolution or paternity hearing and need assistance to collect support can receive assistance immediately! After a parent submits an application for services, we will ask for a copy of the child support order so we can quickly begin actions that will help parents receive payments. Although most parents who are ordered to pay child support are cooperative and understand the importance of timely and consistent payments, we have enforcement tools available only to the Department of Child Support Services to assist with collection of support.


Failure to pay child support is a felony under both federal and state law. Please note that federal and state law limits the use of many enforcement tools in the enforcement of spousal support orders.


Many of our enforcement tools are automatically put into place, like the interception of tax refunds, interception of unemployment and disability benefits, credit reporting, and license suspensions. We understand that every child support case is unique. The best method of enforcement in a particular case involves a review of all the information known for that case. The following are some of the commonly used enforcement techniques:


  • Wage Withholding
  • National Medical Support Notice’
  • Real and Personal Property Liens
  • State DCSS Full Collection Program
  • Civil and Criminal Contempt
  • Writs of Execution
  • Passport Denial
  • Seek Work Orders